HAM License Exam Registration

Additional instructions on how to obtain the information required to complete this form, as well as a means to contact the VE team, may be found here: License Exam Process

Please note that there is a Yes/No question if the applicant has been convicted of a felony. A YES will place the application in the “pending file for review” category. Applicants answering YES would have to, within 14 days, provide the FCC with a statement explaining the circumstances, and a statement “giving the reasons why the applicant believes that grant of the application would be in the public interest, notwithstanding the actual or alleged misconduct,” the revised Form 605 instructions state. The FCC said an applicant’s answer to the felony question and explanation will be public via ULS, unless a separate request is made to the FCC that the applicant’s explanation be kept confidential. The FCC will review applications on which the felony question has been answered in the affirmative and decide whether to grant them or designate them for hearing.

Please complete the form below prior to the Wednesday 6pm of your selected testing date. Doors open at 8:30 am local time, exam begins at 9:00 am or immediately after every participant is checked in.