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  1. What most refer to as SWR is actually Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, or VSWR. Ideally VSWR when read at the base of the antenna should be 1:1, or one to one ratio. If you read a higher value, you should adjust the antenna to obtain one to one, which is the lowest reading on the meter.
    If the value is checked at the transmitter end of the cable, you would get higher, or lower readings because the feed line cable would also have a standing wave on it.
    As a rule of thumb, most try to obtain 3 to 1 or less at the antenna base, but if you are adjusting, why not go for the best. If you achieve 1 to 1 in the center of the band of operation, you may see the VSWR rise as you move across the band. You can operate within the area of the band that is 3 to 1 or lower without issue, however most modern transmitters will lower your output power as much as 50 % to avoid harming your radio.

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